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Easy and informative

Very easy to follow. Filled with great content.

Well produced and practical first aid course

Very professionally produced first aid course, loved how straight to the point the content was, the memorable acronyms, the practical demonstrations…and that it kept my husband engaged throughout! He normally hates pregnancy tutorial videos haha .

Courtney Macleod
So worth it!

First time mum here! I was feeling so overwhelmed with worry and anxiety about when my little boy would start solids and what I would do if he started to choke. After doing the online course I feel empowered and confident in my new learnt skills! Course was so easy to fit into my schedule with a newborn. Would highly recommend to anyone with children, anyone expecting or anyone who looks after children.

Katie Hall
Parenting Essential!

I did the online course, it was super easy to follow and extremely informative. Even without the "physical" component of a face to face class, I felt confident in my skills.

I was in the unfortunate situation shortly after completing the course where I needed to use the skills and performed CPR on my 7wk old bubba. It came like second nature, despite the terror I knew exactly what to do, was calm and able to keep him going until the ambos arrived. I have no doubt that my little boy is here and completely okay because of this training.

I hope no parent ever has to use it but I can't stress enough how important it is. Your response in an emergency absolutely dictates the outcome and while no one ever thinks it will happen to them, make sure you have the skills to provide the best emergency care for your little one.

Jessica Johns

Instant Access Baby First Aid [Online Course]