(aka your new BFFs)

PRESENTING… [drum roll please 🥁] your new BFFs in a time of need; our Essentials Buddy, Sickness Buddy + Bumps 'n' Bruises Buddy Packs! These three packs have been lovingly curated by our team to be your support person when illness or injury strike.

The Buddy Packs

Sickness Buddy

Say hello to your most important support person when fever and illness strike. When you’ve got an upset bub in the middle of the night, the last thing you need on your mind is: when and what medication did bub have last? We’ve got your back, Proactive Parent.

$35 | Available in blue or pink!

Bumps n Bruises Buddy

Your go-to when the inevitable bumps, bruises and tumbles of being a little person happen. Includes our famous 'Ted' cool pack.

$45 | Available in blue or pink!

Essentials Buddy

Your go-to for when first aid emergencies strike. When you're little one is hurt or unwell, our Essentials Buddy has you covered. From fact sheets to who you can call when you need help in the middle night - we've got your back.

$25 | Available in blue or pink!


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