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Loved the course! Going to rewatch it again :)

I feel so much more prepared and ready should we have any more accidents in future. Honestly don’t wait until something happens to do it, do it now and be all over it before you need it.

Tiffany B

It was good we did need to tell her to go slower as she kept speaking as if she was racing a train but very informative. I wish the in person one allowed kids, because that's why we needed to do it.

katherine robinson
For beginners

Great to have a refresh of content however the day is very top level, certainly for those who are highly unaware and it’s a long day. Take your own water, coffee, snacks as Sydney location is in the middle of an industrial area. Not as in depth as I would have liked (but I am a bit of a nerd and like detail).

Hannah Stanley
Fantastic worthwhile course

My partner and I got a lot out of the virtual course with Tiny Hearts. Although it was virtual, we didn't feel we were missing out on anything and the interaction with the facilitator was very easy and intuitive. We have a lot more peace of mind now and would recommend this course to anyone!

Samira Hadjimirabdolhamid

The course was very informative even though it was a lot of information. The course went over a little so was a long day (especially if your pregnant) I feel it would be great to have a few more of the quiz questions and scenarios that ask the students what would you do in this situation as it helps to apply the information you learn on the day - otherwise was a great course that covered all I was looking to know