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Lami Ngaluafe
Beautiful first aid kit

Waited for the first aid kit, as we don’t have one at home until we had some babies. The packaging is absolutely lovely and detailed the box the kit omg it reminded me of my wife and how every detail matters, we follow the tiny hearts religiously, and often go to each other if somethings odd with our little ones what does tiny hearts say about - Covid 19, or croup or you name it you lovely sisters and business and the team at tiny hearts are a God send!! Keep up the great work and awareness!! I’m a father and can’t get enough, plus I love to see Chris on the story every now and then lol….we will be booking the first aid course soon too.

Great work, loved the kit the boo boo ice packs and band aids absolutely lovely

The tracker is a good send too as now we have too and can check the chart when the next medication is due.

Donna Iverach-Turner
Best invention ever

Great for babies kids or adults, as I'm pregnant with #2 and have to get vaccinations I can keep track of it all.

Ellen Foley
Absolutely incredible

Love love love love love is all I can say!

Ana Wennekes

Grey Medication Fridge Tracker

Angela Milo
Love it great idea

Already have used it for my little one and helps keep me and my partner on track with medication.
The fact sheets that come with it are super helpful and very informative.
Love the products and would definitely recommend.