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Rebecca Smith
Ruby was awesome

Hi team, very much enjoyed the session on Sunday, Ruby was professional, relatable and so informative. Despite the tech issues she was able to keep the rooms focus and teach invaluable information. Big props to her and the structure of the course. Thanks again.

Sophie Woods
Fantastic Course

Great informative course!
Would have liked some materials to take home to show/talk through with significant other, while still fresh in the mind, but understand it’s all accessible online. Would highly recommend to family and friends.

Maggie Ratcliffe
Awesome Content

Mighty glad I was able to attend as an Interpreter for JoAnne Ward & Linda Flesser, as I too was able to learn some very valuable details about the advised CPR strategies & reminders of how some unpredictable incidents can occur and having a plan to execute when circumstances call for it, is definitely worth the consideration. Safety and minimal risk practices can be applied, now that I've gained that insight - its priceless, truly!
VERY grateful to be able to provide Interpreting for families, that may otherwise have to go without being across this kind of content, that's surely invaluable to any parent/family setting!
I'm a strong believer in; ''When you know better, you do better" - so biggest Thankyou again to the Team for allowing us to know better, for the benefit of our children, and role modelling what attentive and conscious parenting truly looks like!

Molly Windsor
Fantastic and very informative

I loved the practical component where we were able to actually do what we had just learned

Bec G
Great course

I was very impressed with how comprehensive the course was. I feel equipped to know what to do or who to contact and how to get assistance if we need it once our baby arrives.

This is a must for any parents.