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First Aid Course

⏰ 5-hour course

💰 $130 per person or $160 per couple

👩‍💻 Held online in our virtual classroom

📚 Includes a digital resource pack

🚑 Covers CPR, choking, fevers, allergies and more!

Topics Covered:

Our baby and child first aid course covers everything you need to know to protect your little one in a first aid emergency. Our course is the most comprehensive in the industry, and covers:

• Infant and child CPR

• Choking and gagging

• Healthcare options

• Fevers
• Febrile convulsions

• Pain relief

• Medication tips

• Respiratory distress

• Croup

• Whooping cough

Allergies and anaphylaxis


Head injury

• Severe bleeding

• Minor bleeding

• Bites and stings

• Fractures

• Dislocations

• Poisoning 

• Q+A

Every parent who completes a Tiny Hearts First Aid course will receive a digital version of the essentials buddy, which includes:

  • A quick reference guide for the top first aid emergencies for children

  • A fridge magnet of important phone numbers and resources

  • $20 off Purebaby voucher!

our gift, to you

the nitty gritties.


$130 per person or $160 per couple.


Our baby and child first aid courses are perfect for new and expecting parents. Our course will empower you with life-saving first aid skills and knowledge - so you can help your little one with confidence. Expect the same education you would receive face-to-face, except from the comfort your own home! I mean, wear your pj's if you like - in fact, we encourage it!


Once you book your course and select your chosen date, one of our team members will enrol you into the course, where you will receive an access link. We will touch base 24 hours, 1 hour and 15 minutes before your session in case you misplace the email, because #parentlife! 


To tune into our live online course all you need is:

  • A device that has access to the internet - we recommend a laptop, computer or connecting your device to a smart TV

  • A good internet connection

  • A teddy or a doll to practice first aid techniques on!

Still got questions?


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