Our Commitment To Your Safety


The safety and well-being of those attending our classes is always our priority. We are actively monitoring the coronavirus situation and taking steps to help keep the community safe.

We have taken appropriate safety measures to ensure our participants are safe and reassured during training.

Good hygiene can prevent infection, which is why we are doing the following to adhere to this changing situation.

All parents and caregivers will be briefed on infection control as part of the session, including:
• Hand hygiene
• Cough etiquette
• Social distancing 

We will also be ensuring that:
• Manikin skins will be removed and disinfected after each training course. 
• Participants will wipe manikins down with disinfectant wipes before and after use. 
• Actual breaths are not required by participants during CPR practice. Instead, participants will instead demonstrate the correct technique and the time ventilations need to be delivered.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us by calling 1300 054 563 or emailing tinyhearts@herohq.co!


Love & light,
The Tiny Hearts Family x


P: 1300 054 563
E: hello@tinyhearts.co

L: 6/14 Southeast Blvd, Pakenham, Victoria. 

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