Illegal Baby Names in Australia

When you're a new parent, deciding the name of your little one is definitely one of the perks of having a newborn!


While some opt for traditional names, others settle on 'alternative' names like North or Zen - but that's the best part because you're the parent you get to pick any name you want, right?


Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) actually has restrictions on what you can name a child. For example, you can't call them swear words (obvs) or include symbols in their name like @ or ! (sorry if you had settled on @L3X). You can view their full list of naming regulations here.


While there are lots of names banned all over the world, here are the names that BDM's would reject in Australia:


  1. Admiral
  2. Anzac
  3. Australia
  4. Baron
  5. Bishop
  6. Brigadier
  7. Brother
  8. Cadet
  9. Captain
  10. Chief
  11. Christ
  12. Commodore
  13. Constable
  14. Corporal
  15. Dame
  16. Duke
  17. Emperor
  18. Father
  19. General
  20. God
  21. Honour
  22. Judge
  23. Justice
  24. King
  25. Lady
  26. Lieutenant
  27. Lord
  28. Madam
  29. Majesty
  30. Major
  31. Messiah
  32. Minister
  33. Mister
  34. Officer
  35. Premier
  36. President
  37. Prime Minister
  38. Prince
  39. Princess
  40. Queen
  41. Saint
  42. Satan
  43. Seaman
  44. Sergeant
  45. Sir
  46. Sister


Which name do you think should be made legal? Leave your comment below! 👇

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